Thursday, May 3, 2012

Free Pattern: Rat Hammock

I know this pattern isn't for everyone, but I recently had the privilege of meeting my neighbor, Jillian's rat, Lily.  She is sooo cute!  I used to think that rats were disgusting little creatures, until my best friend, Cherish, lived with us.  Her rat, Nicodemus, was trained to do little tricks, and he was a neat little guy.  Through Nicodemus (RIP, little buddy!), I learned that rats are actually very clean animals.  They are extremely intelligent, and they're pretty fun.  So, when I got to meet Lily, I was thrilled!  So were the dogs:

I wanted to knit or crochet something for Lily, so I made her a hammock!

She isn't so sure about it yet, but I think she'll learn to like it.  The pattern PDF can be downloaded for free here:

I hope your little buddies enjoy it!


  1. I don't have ratties anymore but I do have lots of friends that do, so sharing :D